Kitchen Compost Pail Bundle W/ 1 Year Supply Of Bags And Filters

  • $36.97
  • Save $13

Crafted of stainless steel coated with copper - Seamless so it won't leak  

Why settle for cheap plastic buckets or ugly tin cans? Choose a compost pail you can proudly display on any shelf or counter: this gorgeous copper-coated canister from Gardenatomy. Designed for indoor use, it stores organic food scraps for up to several days - everything from fruit peels & veggies to eggshells & coffee grounds. No more dashing to the compost pile every time you cook! Simply wait till the bin is full, then empty it outside.

This Durable Bin Offers:

• Solid,seamless interior made of high-grade stainless steel
• Sleek, elegant exterior coated with gleaming copper
• Sturdy top lid that provides a tight seal
• Firmly attached metal handle for easy carrying
• Ventilation holes to prevent overheating (without letting odors escape)

Plus Plenty of FREE Bonus Filters

Your compost bucket comes with 6 dual charcoal filters & biodegradable bags - an entire year's supply. Simply insert a filter inside the airtight lid. The charcoal will absorb food-scrap smells before they can get outside. Result: Your kitchen stays fresh & odor-free.

Safe & Nontoxic

Molded in one piece, your bin's stainless-steel core resists leaks, rust & germs. Easy to clean - just wash out with soap & water.