Big Chillers are here to...KEEP IT COOL! And, that's not just a cute tag line. We mean it and we deliver! Check out all the ways in which the Big Chillers can be used...

Yep! They're for cocktails...and much, much more! Freeze your limeade for chill'in your margarita or Gin & Tonci. Or, freeze in ice balls and add a stick to have a cocktail flavored ice pop with your martini! What can you create?

Nothing is worse than a watered down coffee drink. UGH!!! The silicone cube molds are the perfect place to pour your left over coffee. Coffee ice cubes make a perfectly chilled iced coffee that won't get watered down as you sip. MMMMMM....Enjoy!

The large cube tray makes the perfect portion for baby. With Big Chillers, making your own baby food is a cynch! Make food in large batches and freeze for later. You'll be Super Mom and Super Dad with a fraction of the work - You'll thank us!

Buying stock in the larger cartons is more economical. But, what do you do with the excess stock left in the carton? Well, freeze it in Big Chiller Ice Cube Molds, of course! Each frozen cube is 1/4 cup of stock, making it easy to add to recipes!


    •         EASY RELEASE – Silicone provides flexible molds for a variety of uses. The novelty large square mold shape and round sphere ice ball can be used to freeze soup bases, herbs, ice coffee, and juices for popsicles. They’re the perfect Jello shot mold or soap mold, too! Drop slices of lemon or berries in to the water before freezing for a great addition to tea or water.
    • BPA FREE FOOD GRADE - Is dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and oven safe! - 100% Eco-friendly silicone. stain and odor resistant. There is no silicone odor in your ice cubes when you use our trays. Believe me…we’ve tested them! We know they will stand up to many uses and washes and maintain that 1st day of purchase quality you’d expect.
    • LOVE THEM GUARANTEE - If you’re not a raving fan of your Big Chillers, simply return them for a refund. No questions asked!